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BlindAmbition is an international award-winning disability training consultancy focused on improving the lives of disabled people

Seema  Flower - Managing Director of BlindAmbition


  • Disability training for customers and colleagues.

  • Employment workshops for disabled people.

  • Mystery Shopper exercises.

  • Diversity training including unconscious bias.


Anyone who needs help improving the accessibility of their products, services and working environment for Disabled and disadvantaged groups, we can support.

Definition: Blind Ambition is the single-minded determination to achieve your goals. For disabled people facing many barriers, a focused determination is essential to success. We want organisations and clients to harness our momentum to achieve their goals.

Upcoming events

Find out about our latest upcoming events and webinars

The Equality Act 2010 makes it a legal duty to make your products and services accessible to all disabled people. We must all make reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled people are included and welcomed in our society. This is an anticipatory duty which means that we must not wait to be asked but must anticipate the reasonable needs of our customers or users or colleagues and help remove barriers.

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