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Seema - a woman with ovarian cancer who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer - Seem

Seema Flower




Welcome to the Working Age Forum. 

This is a relaxed and comfortable place for blind and partially sighted people to discuss all things related to employment.

Share ideas, learn techniques and share success stories.

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WAF - Working Age Forum

We hold events throughout the year that offer a relaxed and sociable environment for people of a working age who are visually impaired. Whether you are working, job seeking, or running your own business, the WAF is intended to provide a place for you to engage with others, and to allow you to discuss issues and interests whilst learning from and being inspired by your peers.

At our events, we invite guest speakers to talk about inspiring and relevant topics such as public speaking, networking as a VIP, tech tips, motivational talks, and much more.


At BlindAmbition we aim to keep our members at the heart of everything we do, so we have designed our WAF content around ideas and suggestions made by our community that is ever-growing. Our regular Working Age Forums are currently taking place online, using the Zoom video conferencing platform. 

If you’d like to find out more or to register to receive information about events, then please contact us on

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