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Visual Awareness Training is focused on training your staff on how best to interact with Blind and Partially Sighted people.

Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss. That’s around one person in 30. Of these, around 360,000 people are registered with their local authority as Blind or Partially Sighted. It is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss will rise to over 2,250,000. – RNIB

Our training covers a range of topics including:-

  • Simulation Visual Awareness exercises so that team members can really understand the experience a blind or partially sighted person would have using your service. (Often this is the experience which sticks in the memory and triggers the training when team members return to work.)

  • The vast majority of team members actively want to help blind people but they don’t feel confident in how to help.

  • We’ll looks at the senses and how important sight is and the huge impact it has when it is lost. You’ll be amazed. (Chocolate may be involved).

  • Group discussion bring out team members experiences and thoughts on the matter.

  • Some group members may never have met a blind person – it can be surprising to find that we’re not all quiet and retiring 

  • When i ran my own business I always felt that if i started by addressing the needs of disabled customers - the customer service for the able bodied would be a doddle. In my case it could be as simple as providing a member of staff to walk a client from and to a bus stop on her visit. Recognising the struggle someone makes to reach you and helping them outside the premises.

Our training is an ever evolving system, each organisation has different needs so we can tailor our training program to match your exact requirements.