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During COVID-19 we've helped employers train team members with online webinars and training sessions. We've worked with everyone from the smallest Charities to the largest Multi-Nationals to deliver Industry Leading Training.

Disability Webinar Program 2020


During Covid-19, we have shifted all training to be accessible as Virtual - Interactive Training Sessions or Webinars. We have worked with Global Organisations and Small Teams. Have delivered webinars which are broadcast Globally in a one way communication or trained small teams in interactive training seminars.


Covid-19 at first seemed a disaster but actually we have discovered that we have learnt and lot and become stronger as a result. Getting teams all together is one room at the same time can be complicated and while nothing beats the depth of learning when everyone is together - these virtual training sessions are a very close second choice and for some companies may be the future for training. 

This virus has highlighted that now more than ever, we must meet the needs of those who have disabilities.

  • Firstly we'll listen - what is it you want to achieve? What outcomes are you seeking?

  • We'll then Tailor make a virtual training solution for your needs

    • 1 hour, 2 hour, half day, full day sessions – you choose

    • Global Broadcast Webinars

    • Pre-recorded Training for team members to watch at leisure. (Assessment testing available)

    • Smaller team interactive training - asking questions and being involved creates deeper learning.

    • Can as small as 1:1 training.

    • We'll develop a program that meets you and your team's needs.


There are 1.3 billion people living worldwide with a disability, many are no strangers to the kind of exclusion the Covid-19 has forced on the world and the sense of isolation that many are feeling.  Sadly, the number of disabled people who are feeling isolated and need help is rising.  From needing help with shopping to accessing help with banking or utilities – the list is endless. What this pandemic has highlighted is the need for companies to be geared up with the right Customer Service Disability Training to be able to meet their needs.


So whether you’re an energy provider, a utility company or a supermarket– it is crucial your staff are able to help your disabled customers or team members, provide the support they need and still provide excellent customer service. 



Do you have disabled employees that are now working from home and need reasonable adjustments to be made and you are not sure how to help?


Do you have disabled clients that have needs and you are not sure how to meet them?

Click on HERE to find information on our services or call us today.

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