During COVID-19 we've helped employers use the down time to train team members via webinars.


To help during the Covid-19, we have shifted all training to be accessible as Virtual - Interactive webinars. .  This virus has highlighted that now more than ever, we must meet the needs of those who have disabilities .  Therefore, ALL training is:

  • VIRTUAL - Interactive webinar

  • Tailor made to your requirements

  • 1 hour, 2 hour or half day sessions – you can choose

  • Can be 1:1

  • Cater for larger or smaller groups

  • Flexible – we can combine training sessions

There are 1.3 billion people living worldwide with a disability, many are not strangers to the kind of exclusion the corona virus has forced on the population and the sense of isolation that many are feeling.  Sadly, the number of disabled people who are feeling isolated and need help is rising.  From needing help with shopping to accessing help with banking or utilities – the list is endless. What this pandemic has highlighted is the need for companies to be geared up with the right Customer Service Disability Training to be able to meet their needs.


So whether you’re an energy provider, a utility company or a supermarket– it is crucial your staff are able to help your disabled customers, provide the support they need and still provide excellent customer service. 


Do you have disabled employees that are now working from home and need reasonable adjustments to be made and you are not sure how to help?

Or do you have staff that need motivation and could benefit from our Motivational Speakers


Do you have disabled clients that have needs and you are not sure how to meet their needs?

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COVID-19: All our Disability & Equality training accessible via Virtual - Interactive webinars. Click here.