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Seema Flower started this business 25 years ago. As a blind woman, she was always shocked how Disabled customers were treated. She thought 'there has to be a better way'.


Thankfully today there is. And with the introduction of the UK Equalities Act in 2010, it is now a legal requirement to consider and adapt to the needs of disabled customers for most businesses.


That's the stick but what about the carrot? 

Disabled people and their family and friends have money and they actively want to spend it! Often making quite small changes, beginning with education, you can empower your disabled customers/employees and improve your bottom line

“Sometimes clients just need the reassurance that what they're doing is okay. Our exercises allow organisations to feel more comfortable recruiting visually impaired individuals. Simple reasonable adjustments is what we are aiming for.”
- Seema Flower

Seema Flower is one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK 2020 according to the Shaw Trust Power 100 list. She is a driven and passionate advocate of equality. She has been training organisations in Disability Awareness issues for over 25 years. She is a qualified and experienced careers advisor. Has run her own Million-pound service business in Central London for 13 years therefore understands the importance of balancing reasonable adjustments with business needs. Seema has managed her portfolio of properties as a private landlord for many years. Successfully managing all of this with only 2% vision!


“I’ve always believed that if you can serve disabled customers exceptionally, everyone else will be easy.”

- Seema Flower

Shooting a Crowded Street

Media Personality

Seema is a media personality, in regular demand from the BBC, SKY and other media organisations for TV, Radio, Online and Print interviews to discuss disabled issues and entrepreneurial challenges. Seema is an inspiration to many for the challenges she overcomes daily. She has a unique and fresh perspective with a message which resonates with audiences across the country
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