Updated guidance from Access to Work for information

For people who's Access to Work claims are due to be reviewed, these will be extended for a further 6 months. The ATW team will be getting in contact with claimants to advise.

There have also been issues around the fact that people could not submit their claim forms without a wet signature from their support worker. In my opinion, the ATW team; Debbie Bradford and Ian Milton are working extremely hard to ensure that disabled people are still able to utilise the Access to Work scheme. Thank you to all those at Access to Work who are working very hard in these difficult times.

(Image below of ink pen signature on paper)

Please see guidance from Access to Work below as to how this has now been resolved:

'From 23rd April 2020, Access to Work customers can submit claim forms for reimbursement without an employer or support worker signature, and  ask their line manager or support worker to provide an email confirming the details of the claim and that they agree to the terms and conditions on that form. We have introduced two options for submitting the e mail conformation and the claim form, these are as follows:

  1. Once the  Access to Work customer has submitted the e mail confirmation they would still need to complete the claim form in the normal way attaching all supporting information, sign the claim form and submit to Access to Work using the normal postal method.

  2. We do acknowledge that some customers may still have problems submitting their claim form via the post and we are continuing to explore if we can use other alternatives channels such as receiving the claim forms via email or other digital alternatives. We are developing these options at pace and working to make these available for customers as soon as is possible.

Recognising the need to communicate the new measures, we are working with communication colleagues to publish the Access to Work new measures on GOV.UK shortly and our Access to Work telephone operators are already providing up to date advice to customers on the measures when they contact the helpline.

I hope this has been helpful and provides the information discussed and some assurance that Access to Work is continuing to develop new ways of working to support our customers during these difficult times.' ATW

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