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Session 14 of Series 2, Employment webinars: Be Your Own Boss

RNIB & Blind Ambition would like to invite you to Session 13 of Series 2, Employment webinars: Preparing for an interview Part 2.

How to Prepare for an interview Part 2, Including virtual interviews and role-plays.

Be your own boss:

When: Tuesday 29th March 2022

Time: 7.30pm-9.00pm

To register, click the link:

We will cover:

- how to set up your own business.

We'll be talking to Mims Talsi about his entrepreneurial career.

Mims is a serial entrepreneur and Business Executive with a career spanning over 20 years in the IT, Telecoms and Artificial Intelligence sectors. He has worked throughout the EMEA region for large organisations, Small enterprises and Government/NGO.

He has set up a number of businesses including (The first Cloud Contact Centre in the Middle East),, both in digital retail, SENSE Global (An instore self-payment platform) and most recently, (a digital transformation company focused on the third sector).

Mims was born partially sighted and despite deteriorating eyesight over the years, this has not let him deterred him from his core ambitions around using technology to do good. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology and digital transformation. An avid musician also, Mims currently lives in the UK running his enterprise, ITFG (IT for Good).

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Thank you and hope you enjoy the webinars

Blind Ambition

Image description: A woman reads her phone while holding a mug that reads 'Like A Boss'. We only see her hands, phone and mug.

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