Seema's Review: Shopping with Sainsbury's

With Sainsbury’s it was extremely difficult to get a slot as I was informed I was not on the governments vulnerable list and therefore would not be able to get a priority slot. After some talking to the call centre, I managed to get on as a vulnerable customer as a registered blind person. Sainsbury’s to my knowledge are the only supermarket changing that offer a telephone operated ordering service for elderly and the vulnerable which has been a god send and it means I can maintain some level of independence whilst on lock down during the Covid19 pandemic period. The journey has not been easy but now they have relaxed their requirements and have a line where new customers can register for priority shopping slots which is 0800 052 5500.

These operators can register a new account and then help you place an order. Although there has been some confusion if they will take your order over the phone or not, I have been told to call the above number to place orders sometimes but other operators who are trained on all aspects of Sainsbury’s training can place orders. It is a little frustrating as it is much easier to call the registration number only because you get though to an operator straightaway.

The other criticism is that Sainsbury’s tend to send you fresh items such as poultry and fish with very close used by dates, sometimes on the same day which is impossible to use up all the produce. However they have refunded me the items if i have called to make a complaint in the form of an e voucher which is fair as I have had to destroy the other items.

Sainsbury’s food is of high quality but a little expensive but it had to be our place to shop as other supermarkets had not been accessible in the first 4 weeks of lock down.

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