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Seema's Review: Shopping with Morrisons

So although I have not yet placed an online order, I have telephoned the helpline and they were extremely helpful with a list of 47 items you can select from, They have a vegetarian box for £30 and a non vegetarian box for £35. You get the delivery next day for the box. It sounds like a very good idea and especially for the elderly and vulnerable.

Well done Morrisons

Response from Morrisons to my MP

'We have now launched a dedicated phone service for customers who are self isolating, elderly, vulnerable anot able to shop. . They can order from a list of around essential items (including bread, milk, fruit and hearty ready meals) which are picked at their local store and delivered directly from the store with payment taken at the doorstep. To place an order, call 0345 6116111 and select option 5 or online Our food boxes are for people who cannot get to the store.'

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