RNIB: Supermarket Updates

We have an update on what has changed so far by RNIB working with various UK supermarkets:


• They are at the final stage of creating a briefing document that will go out to all stores. This will detail how they can support customers who have a disability, which includes the best practice guidance information RNIB has given them. Additionally, they will address challenges such as aisle flow and social distancing with a reminder that some customers may need to bring someone with them to support them

• Tape is being sent to all stores to ensure that the Perspex screen openings and ends can be seen easily

• They are now asking that anyone who feels they require a vulnerable slot and cannot get access to food to call their helpline to discuss possible solutions

To register call 0800 9177359.


• They have incorporated RNIB’s ‘Best Store Practice Guidelines’ into their customer service policies

• RNIB are in weekly conversations with Sainsbury’s who are committed to assisting where possible to provide help for the blind and partially sighted community

New customers can register for priority shopping slots which is 0800 052 5500 And can help place an order.


• Waitrose have now re-worded their in-store statements and these now include, ensuring customers with disabilities, visible or non-visible are included in the elderly/vulnerable hour, guide dogs and assistance dogs must continue to be allowed access to their shops and people who are escorting blind or partially sighted people are to be allowed


• Have agreed to circulate RNIB’s ‘Best Store Practice Guidelines’ to all store colleagues


• They have reviewed RNIB’s ‘Store Best Practice Guidelines’ and have recommunicated the key points to all store colleagues

• They will commit to offer assistance in their shops to everyone who needs it


• RNIB are currently in talks with a recognised UK wholesaler to potentially provide an on-line delivery service, exclusively to RNIB customers direct to their doorstep, through a dedicated telesales phone number. Along with this, all their delivery drivers would be specially trained to follow the RNIB ‘Best Practice Guidelines’

Further information

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RNIB Supermarket Guidance https://www.rnib.org.uk/campaigning/campaigning-news/rnib-sends-supermarkets-guidance

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