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Recordings - RNIB/Blind Ambition: New Year, New Me, New Job Webinars

Updated: May 11

Thank you to all those who are attending the RNIB/Blind Ambition; 'New Year, New Me, New Job' Pre-Employment Advice webinars. We hope you are enjoying the sessions and are able to join us for the whole series. There are 16 webinars in total for this series and these are tailored towards the needs of job seekers with sight loss.

Recordings: Missed a webinar?

If you missed any of the past webinars, you can view by clicking on the below links relating to the webinar and enter the password if appropriate which is underneath the link:

Recording Webinar 1 - 3rd Feb Goal Setting

Click link below and enter passcode which appears underneath: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/tG5YLIeVFOzb6MjTDfSebSfGwkoolZR1KQg24I_GbK7GBRhMJ_8VaqMZPnz6Cth9.9mShKJbGtqqNGhuy

Enter Passcode 5.FUQVs1

Recording Webinar 2 - 9th Feb Apprenticeships Advice

Click link below and enter passcode which appears underneath:


Enter Access Passcode: V!8x0Dvt

Recording Webinar 3 -16th Feb: Skills Audit

Click link below and enter passcode which appears underneath:


Enter Access Passcode: A0D@$u73

Recording Webinar 4 - 24th Feb: CV Preparation

Click link below and enter passcode which appears underneath:


Enter Access Passcode: @Xw28@+s

Recording Webinar 5 - 2nd March: Why Should I Declare my Visual Impairment?

Click link below :


Recording Webinar 6 - 9th March: Personal Branding

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 7 - 16th March; Access to Work

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 8 - 23rd March: Where to Look for Jobs (Part 1)

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 9 - 30th March: Where to Look for Jobs (Part 2)

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 10 - 6th April: How to Present Yourself

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 11 - 13th April: Preparing for Interviews

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 12 - 20th April: How To Be Your Own Boss

Click link below:


Recording Webinar 13 - 27th April: How to Find a Support Worker


Recording Webinar 14 - 4th May: Your Legal Rights When Disclosing Your Disability


Recording Webinar 15 - 11th May: Building Resilience


Want to register for next webinar?

Please click link to register for the next webinar https://www.blindambition.co.uk/post/rnib-blind-ambition-goal-setting-employment-advice-webinar-follow-up

Issues with registering?

If you have any issues in registering for the event, please either send email to contact@blindambition.co.uk or complete the contact us form, click https://www.blindambition.co.uk/contactus . You can also fill in the contact us form to be kept up to date with future events.

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