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Lottery Funding: employability programme for blind and partially sighted people

Blind Ambition is proud to announce a new employment program for Blind and Partially Sighted people which is being made possible by National Lottery Funding.

The Program will include:-

  • A six-week national webinar programme of resilience and confidence building delivered by Blind Ambition and a clinical psychologist.

  • 20 blind or visually impaired people will have their C.V. professionally produced using a specialist.

  • A four week LinkedIn profile building webinar program.

  • 20 blind or visually impaired people to have their LinkedIn profiles professionally created.

Seema Flower, MD of BlindAmbition said, 'We hope that this program will help improve the confidence of blind and visually impaired job seekers, give people who are job-ready the professional CV needed to launch into the jobs market and the LinkedIn skills and profile needed to promote themselves online. Employment is key in making disabled people feel valued and empowered and we're grateful to the National Lottery for their support in delivering this exciting program. This program will build on and complement the work we've previously done with the RNIB Employment Webinar Program (New Series coming soon) and the Working Age Forum (WAF) discussion forum by giving personal and practical support to people who are job-ready. '

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