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Series 2: Employment webinars start 21st Sept

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

RNIB and Blind Ambition invite you to a Series Two of free weekly webinars to support job seekers with sight loss.

We'd like to help as many jobseekers with sight loss as we can to get to the next stage of their career. This could be finding a new role, entering employment, starting an apprenticeship or starting up a new business.

Over the next few months, we will be covering a range of topics from help with CV writing, different ways to market yourself, interview tips and much more.

There are 16 sessions as part of the employment webinar programme, and you can join any or all of them:

Date Time Topic

21 September 19:30 Your legal rights when disclosing disability: Reasonable adjustments, when to disclose and sharing your needs with employers.

5 October 19:30 Support via Access to Work What support can you get from Access to Work.

19 October 19:30 How to find a support worker: Agencies you can use, the best place to

advertise, skill sets to look for.

2 November 19:30 Confidence and resilience-building: How to build your confidence and believe in yourself and how you can build your resilience.

16 November 19:30 Personal branding: Create your own uniqueness and know

who you are & what you have to offer.

30 November 19:30 How to present yourself: Image, body language and confidence

14 December 19:30 Goal setting: Where I've come from, where I am and where I am going.

4 January 19:30 Completing a skills audit: Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses as

well as opportunities and threats, identify gaps and plan to address them.

18 January 19:30 CV preparation: How to build your CV, adapt it for the role,

find the right format and show your skills.

1 February 19:30 Digital Skills: How to use LinkedIn to look for jobs.

15 February 19:30 Digital Skills2: How to use Indeed, Facebook and Work in

Health programme to look for jobs.

1 March 19:30 Preparing for an interview Part 1: Including virtual interviews and role-plays.

15 March 19:30 Preparing for an interview Part 2: Including virtual interviews and role-plays.

29 March 19:30 Be your own boss.

26 April 19:30 Training, education courses and apprenticeships.

10 May 19:30 Study skills and further job search support.

For further employment information online visit:

Man and woman, in smart shirts, interview situation. Man smiling, woman we only see the back of her head.
Let's start your journey to employment today.

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