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Lockdown Diary 5: Slow down

It has not been too bad being in isolation, even though it has been extended! It has forced me to slow down and that has been a good thing. It has allowed me to spend time with my family and to gain confidence in my cooking skills so I can feed my family. For so many years I had lost my confidence in trying for challenging dishes but I had won that back. I was able to sit in the sun and enjoy the time. Of course I am worried how this is affecting my business but the thought of the whole world being in the same position as me was a comfort. Lock down has had its advantages- people of all nations have come together to support one another and stand together and the great thing is it has made people realise what is really important to them. It has changed the thinking of mankind in such a short space of time. We will never be the same again and people will change their buying habits - they will eat home cooked food and it is has restored the value of family life- that is what I hope!

To add though, I have an inch of hair root growth and have to revert to home colour. I will probably need a waxing kit, my eyebrows- I will have to wait to get done but at least I am safe and well. That’s what counts, right??!!!

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