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Lockdown Diary 3: The community spirit

It just seemed so strange that the whole world was going through this weird situation, like a bad dream and I hoped someone would wake me up out of this. The home schooling was strange too to start with but it has improved. My support worker had to work remotely; we had to learn new skills like working with zoom technology. All my face-face training work was cancelled and it is a worrying time not only for me so many of my close friends, family and colleagues who were going to face financial hardship. This is when you wish you could win the lottery right.

I kept in touch with all family members and spoke to friends I had not spoken to for a while to reach out to them to see if they were safe. It was as though someone up there had said the world has to slow down and all you humans are going to slow down, no one is going to run around like crazy and the birds and all other animals and wildlife are going to have their time to enjoy this planet. When I went on walks the birds were singing more, there was no more pollution. The smell of the sweet flower was so pleasant; the warmth of the sun on my face was beautiful. Silence and it was golden.

Neighbours called to see if they could help me and family called to see if I needed anything. The community was so brilliant at being supportive.

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