Lockdown diary 2: Losing control

Being visually impaired on a good day is about how much control you do not have over your life, compared to what I used to be able to see. I remember the days I could go for a coffee, walk to the local shops where I used to live, get on the underground and go to the West End and browse and peruse through shops at my leisure. I could go for lunch or go for a drink after work and go home on public transport without feeling vulnerable. What could be worse than this you may ask? Well the pandemic that hit works in March 2020!

I was feeling lost, anxious, scared and it was the fear of the unknown. I am a busy person, I like to work, I like going out but with lockdown that was all out of the window. Three weeks in the house with my husband!!! How would we cope? Well my daughter would be there too and we had to sit down and agree what we each needed .

For example, we needed space from each other to keep sane. We are very fortunate and don’t get me wrong we are privileged we have a garden and a sizeable house. I have been thing of those who are in high flats or one bed studios and hoping they are okay. People may be wondering why I would be moaning about being on lockdown. Well the fact is that you lose your independence more because you are unable to go out alone even with a personal assistant to do your shopping plus I have had had pneumonia twice so my lungs are quite scarred. My husband has been very protective over me and all shopping had to be done online.

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