Lockdown Diary 1: The shock of it & birth of One Tribe Hub

When the corona virus made the headlines I did not think it was that serious at all. I thought maybe this is another thing the media is whipping up into a storm... then lock down for 3 weeks.

Oh my god, I was in shock. It started on that first Saturday where I felt so helpless or the Saturday after the full week into lockdown. There were reports that people were bulk buying and nurses had no food left on the shelves at all after having done a hard days shift caring for Covid-19 patients. It felt wrong for me to sit outside on that sunny Saturday morning. I got straight onto the phone and called Sainsbury’s asked them to donate some goods for Wexham Hospital and I would match the amount they donated. I had a very kind manager, John Cook who helped me. I then called Waitrose and they made a donation for the NHS staff too. I arranged my regular taxi driver to go and collect this and after many calls found out where to take the food to. It was delivered and then I spoke to Jerome from Challenge Chicks who also went and donated many boxes of free range eggs. I felt I was making a contribution. And that is when https://www.onetribehub.com/ was born

Later the Government asked for some volunteers to come forward and knew I could not be able to do much as I only have light and dark perception but give me a phone and I can move mountains!

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