Happy New Year 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Blind Ambition would like to thank you all for your continued support through a very different year. We have been continually working through a global pandemic and this wouldn’t have been possible without all the hard work of our teams, the fantastic people and organisations we have worked with and the incredible support received. Stay tuned for our new employment advice sessions for visually impaired people in the New Year in conjunction with the RNIB - details will be announced soon .

Thank you to all our clients, those who have attended our online training sessions , free webinars, contributed as guest speakers, partnered with us or referred our services. it has been amazing how communities have come together - you have all been wonderful!

This year, we have had to change the way we work and switched all our services to online and will continue with this until it is safe to go back to face-to-face training . We look forward to continuing working with you and many more organisations, businesses and individuals in 2021 through the Education, Training and Advocacy we provide. Please click link for a list of all our services https://www.blindambition.co.uk/disability-training-services.

Happy New Year - may you all remain safe and healthy and let 2021 be a much better year for everyone . Wishing you good health, prosperity and a positive 2021 !!! Let us welcome in the New Year.

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GIF Image Description - has 6 diverse members of the public

Background colour - night sky with stars. Large Figures centralised where 20 is stacked on top of 21

Top 2 (pink), 0 (green) With a female sitting in the zero being vaccinated by female doctor, both have masks on

2 (yellow), 1 (orange) - female standing on the 2 and holding a book speaking with mask on .

Male in wheelchair at bottom of 1 looking up holding a book (right hand side)

Left hand side bottom of page has a wind turbine with male and female standing . Female is pointing at the turbine and make is looking up.


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