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Signposting: Employment Advice & Support

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

RNIB and Blind Ambition are very excited to working together, to provide a series of 'New Me, New You, New Job' Employment Advice webinars for jobseekers with sight loss. If you would like to know more and join one of our advice sessions, please click on our Events section

If you need Employment advice or support, you can seek help from Blind Ambition or RNIB, see below details below:


Be Your Own Boss support

Finding a Support Worker

Recommended books for Interviews

  • "how to get a job you love" by John Lees. This is good for taking a strategic look at your work life, finding out your strengths, values etc and matching to potential roles.

  • "Winning at interview " by Alan Jones - the approach to interviews, dealing with questions . Fantastic advice.

Work & Health Programme

Eligibility for Work and Health Programme

People who are disabled and those who have been unemployed for more than two years may be eligible for the programme. In addition, people may be eligible if they are:

• a carer or former carer

• homeless

• a former member of the armed forces or an armed forces reservist

• the partner of a current or former member of the armed forces

• a care leaver

• a young person in a gang

• a refugee

• a victim of domestic violence

• dependent (or have been dependent) on drugs or alcohol and preventing them from getting work

• an ex-offender who has completed a custodial or community sentence

• an offender serving a community sentence

The programme is voluntary for all the above groups.

All Jobcentre Plus work coaches are able to refer people to the Programme. They can be referred if various criteria are met, such as the claimant being able to find employment within one year, or if they need more support than can be provided within the standard Jobcentre Plus offer.

Access to Work advice, please click link

If you need Apprenticeship advice, please contact:

How to Present Yourself - Help with lighting and colour

We had a great webinar run on the 6th April with our expert, Lizi Green from House of Colour, which was all about , 'How to Present Yourself' and there were a few suggestions on what would help:

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