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Deaf and blind communities demand action over lack of Coronavirus help

4.5 million people suffer from hearing and sight loss in the community and are at risk!

‘It is a very scary time for us all and being blind can make you feel very isolated and alone. Covid-19 highlights the work that needs to be done by government working together with the disabled communities to create a more inclusive world. Well done to Keith Valentine, RNIB, Action on Hearing Loss, Lynn Stewart Taylor, Channel 4 News and all others for highlighting these issues . We need to continue this pressure and work with government to make sure there are BSL interpreters and markers for the blind for example. We do need to be added to the vulnerable list, we do need to ask more questions and we do need to have clear guidance and have accessibility? Only by talking and bringing these things to the forefront , as well as applying pressure will things slowly change. Communications does need to be accessible for all, now more than ever, time to remove those barriers to communication.’ Seema Flower

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