Blind Ambition/RNIB 'New Year, New Me, New Job' Attendee Feedback

Updated: May 18, 2021

Blind Ambition and RNIB have worked together for the last 16 weeks to offer a series of FREE weekly employment webinars with the aim of helping jobseekers with sight loss to get to the next stage of their career; whether it be in employment, as an apprentice or business owner.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has taken part. We have some fantastic feedback from some of our attendees which we would love to share with you. Please email if you would like to provide any additional feedback on the webinars. We are starting to plan for Series 2, so please feel free to send an email with any ideas you may have:

Attendee 1: Helen

'I’ve gained a lot of great information from the webinars and it has been a great overview of all very relevant topics, some of which I had little or no knowledge of previously. This therefore has worked for me. Also hearing Seema’s work history is very motivational and inspiring. It has helped improve my confidence that I could hopefully find employment since losing my eyesight. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Seema and Alka for an excellent series of webinars.'

Attendee 2: Matthew

'I found the support working workshop informative. The workshops were well paced and the content was clear and on topic. I think bringing guest speakers in works really well.'

Attendee 3: Adam

"I have been invited to three interviews since embarking on the course with Blind Ambition. What I enjoyed most about this course is the fact that it is run by a visually impaired person who has lived the life, so to speak, and who has experienced employment in different ways doing a wide range of business activities.Being spoken with, rather than being spoken AT is a real benefit. Even though some non-visually impaired trainers are good at their jobs, nothing beats real life experience, not only because the trainer is able to genuinely empathise, but has also done what many other VI people have had to do, which is to think outside the usual, and do things - often via trial and error - in ways which fully sighted people would not think to do or appreciate as being inventive, or just plain cool - running a salon for example. I have also enjoyed the range of topics covered. The idea of LinkedIn is something I've toyed with but I've never really seriously considered up until the chap came in and spoke about it. I have also enjoyed the tone of these seminars which to my mind is positive, without leaving realism behind. Realism over positive thinking (for the sake of it) any day for stoic little old me.

Seema, assisted more than ably by Alka, is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer, who has walked the walk, worn the T-shirt and faced many of the pitfalls and challenges encountered by most visually impaired people while looking for employment. Her experience in this field is not only wide-ranging, but delivered with empathy and realism, and with the backing of some interesting, well-informed guest speakers."

Attendee 4: Christine

“I recently became aware of Blind Ambition a company working in conjunction with the RNIB who have been running very well presented, professional Zoom meetings for VIPs&B people. I recommend you try attending."

Attendee 5: Seema D

"The webinars have helped me with my employability - giving me confidence and has been really refreshing listening to webinars. It makes you focus on things you may not have focused on before and that makes me feel more confident. It has given me confidence to look at other roles that I could , I was looking at social worker jobs, after listening it has opened my mind to other possibilities that are out there, such as working with other VI people."

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