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13th April RNIB/Blind Ambition New Year, New Me, New Job: Preparing for Interviews for VI people

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Blind Ambition and RNIB are very excited to be working together to launch a series of free weekly employment webinars supporting visually impaired people in lockdown and beyond. There are 16 sessions as part of the employment webinar programme. See below details for Webinar 11:

Preparing for Job Interviews

When: Tuesday 13th April 2021

Time: 8pm-9pm

Register: click link https://bit.ly/3moje2f

We will cover:

- Face to face interviews

- Virtual Interviews

- Body Language/ Confidence

Recommended books

  • "how to get a job you love" by John Lees. This is good for taking a strategic look at your work life, finding out your strengths, values etc and matching to potential roles.

  • "Winning at interview " by Alan Jones - the approach to interviews, dealing with questions . Fantastic advice.

Signposting for Interview

Scroll down to Interviews on Signposting page for more help and advice from RNIB, click link for signposting page, https://www.blindambition.co.uk/post/employment-advice-support

Issues with registering?

Please fill in your details at https://www.blindambition.co.uk/contactus or email contact@blindambition.co.uk.

Come and meet experts from both RNIB and Blind Ambition and get the advice you need. We hope you can join us and get the support you need.

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