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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity Training

Did you know under UK discrimination law, an employee can claim against an individual and a Company for discrimination? The Company has a defence if it can prove that it has gone through reasonable steps to prevent the employee committing that act.  One way is to ensure that all of your employees have undergone Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training.

At Blind Ambition, we want to ensure that your organisation has met it’s legal obligations but also that you make Equality, Diversity and Inclusion a way of life and something that comes naturally as opposed to a tick box exercise or just a legal obligation.  Our Training includes ‘unconscious bias in the workplace’ and caters for all staff at all levels and across all sectors and will help your teams understand how everybody or everyone:

  • should have an equal opportunity

  • should not be treated differently

  • are not discriminated against because of their characteristics including age, race, gender, identity, class, sexual orientation, income, religion or belief, disability or the passport they hold

As with all our packages, training is bespoke and ‘tailor made’ to your requirements and can be adapted to meet your needs.