Blind Ambition works with organisations of all sizes, delivering customised training which fits the needs of each client.

Our clients recognise the value of the Disabled customers and want to be able to serve them better. Other clients may want in-depth training looking at the legal requirements under the Equalities Act 2010. Read on to find out how we can help you.

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Does your team need help focusing on disabled clients and their unique needs? We find many team members really want to help disabled people but are worried about how to approach someone and what to do. Our training gives your team the confidence and tools they'll need to help.

Equality and Diversity Training

It is important that your customers and staff are treated equally and an inclusive environment is created.  Equality and Diversity Training will help your teams understand how everybody should have an equal opportunity and are not treated differently or discriminated against because of their characteristics including age, race, gender, identity, class, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability or the passport they hold.

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Visual Awareness Training is focused on training your staff on how best to interact with Blind and Partially Sighted people.

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The Disability Confident Scheme from the UK Government aims to support employers like you to make the most of the talent disabled people can bring to your workplace.

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PAT training is becoming a legal requirement for all cab driver to be trained in. We have a wealth of experience to share that will help you deliver the best service for your passengers ...and often with very small changes.


Seema is often asked to speak at events to share her inspirational story. Disabled people are used to having to overcome barrier to achieve their goals. This makes them naturally entrepreneurial. Share Seema's journey.

Training Skill Develop Ability Expertise


Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Blind Ambition can tailor the solution to you. To find out more, get in touch.


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