Seema - a woman with ovarian cancer who


I'm Seema Flower - I started this business 25 years ago. As a blind woman, I was always shocked how Disabled customers were treated. I thought 'there has to be a better way'.


Thankfully today there is. And with the introduction of the UK Equalities Act in 2010 it's now a legal requirement to consider and adapt to the needs of disabled customer for most business.


That's the stick but what about the carrot? Disabled people and their family and friends have money and they actively want to spend it!

Often making quite small changes, beginning with education, you can empower your disabled customers/employees and improve your bottom line.




Seema Flower is one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK 2020 according to the Shaw Trust Power 100 list. She is a driven and passionate advocate of equality. She has been training organisations in Disability Awareness Issues for over 25 years. She is a qualified and experienced careers advisor. Has run her own Million-pound service business in Central London for 13 years and so understands the importance of balancing reasonable adjustments with business needs. Seema has also managed her portfolio of properties as a private landlord for many years. Seema is also registered blind.


“I’ve always believed that if you can serve disabled customers exceptionally, everyone else will be easy.” - Seema Flower

Media Personality

Seema is a media personality, in regular demand from the BBC, SKY and other media organisations for TV, Radio, Online and Print interviews to discuss disabled issues and entrepreneurial challenges. Seema is an inspiration to many for the challenges she overcomes daily. She has a unique and fresh perspective with a message which resonates with audiences across the country.


Disability Awareness Consultancy

Seema worked for M&S for several years on their advisory panel which designed new stores and trained staff on how best to deliver world-class service to customers.

ColourNation Hair Salons

Seema ran her own service-based business, ColourNation Hair Salons, in Central London for 13 years over four different locations (Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Soho and West Hampstead). She employed hundreds of staff and delivered service to thousands of clients through her group of companies.


Seema Flower was deeply involved in every aspect of the businesses from recruitment and technical product development, celebrity clients and photoshoots to customer service and vat returns. She has implemented injunctions to defend her business and successfully defended her company at employment tribunal. There is very little she does not know about running successful businesses in highly competitive markets.


Seema worked as an Education Officer for the RNIB for 10 years. During that time she delivered 100’s of training sessions for staff, students and other stakeholders in large and small colleagues across the South East.


Careers Advisor in West London

Seema worked for CfBT West London Careers service for a number of years coaching, counselling and guiding young people to achieve their dreams.

Private Landlord

Seema is also a private landlord responsible for several properties and many tenants. She manages these herself as much as possible. She navigates the legislative frameworks ensuring all landlord documentation is up to date.

Shaw Trust Power 100 - 2020

Seema was very proud to be recognised as one of Shaw Trust Power 100 most influential disabled people in the UK 2020.


Seema is also a mother to a very active 14-year-old.

...oh and Seema's blind with only 2% vision.

All this combines to ensure that Seema has a wealth of experience and a truly unique view she can bring to bear on training and consultancy projects.



We define Blind Ambition as the single-minded determination to achieve our goals. There is so much distraction in today's world that focused determination is useful. But we must always be aware that we must not ignore other options in our single-mindedness.